Website and Email Set up

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STEP 1: Login to Your Account

To update your website options, go to www.claim.REALTOR and login. Once logged in, click the "MANAGE DOMAIN" button on the domain name you would like to set up. Then, click the "Domain setup" tab.


If you have not made any updates to this section, you will have the below appear on your "Domain setup" page (left image). If someone goes to your web address, the parked landing page appears (right image)


STEP 2: Choose a Website Option

Below are several website options you have to start using your .REALTOR web address.


Forward my site to another url (members, firms and boards)

Forward to a current web address you have today like your .com or .net, facebook page, agent profile on your firm's website or even your blog!


Set up a FREE® profile website (US members only)

Looking for an inexpensive way to promote yourself and your listings online? With the FREE® profile website, you can customize a webpage that showcases your strengths with easy set-up features.


FREE® Profile Website Resources:

Set up your® profile

Set up Help: Videos, Q&A and more


Set up a discounted Placester® IDX website, A REALTOR Benefits® Program Partner! (US members only)

.REALTOR customers can get an IDX-powered website for one year for just $60 ($5/month) for one year), plus 6 additional Months FREE from Placester®, a REALTOR Benefits® Program Partner! After you claim, work with Placester® to build your website.

Placester® Resources:


Set up your own custom website/hosting (existing or new!)

Make the .REALTOR domain your primary web address with your own custom website. After you get your web address, work with your current or new web designer/hosting service. You can even move over your exisiting webhosting from your current web address to .REALTOR!


Need to use one of our more advanced options? Contact Us




Email Set Up



Professional Email From Google


.REALTOR makes it easy to get Professional Email for your business quickly up and running. This includes a dedicated inbox and a suite of online business tools. Tools include shared documents, cloud storage, online spreadsheets and more. We walk you through each step of the setup process. No TXT records or manual configuration on your part is required.

To learn more and get set up, existing customers can login at:

New customers: after you get your domains, choose the email option on your receipt page to get set up.



FREE email forwarding with your .REALTOR domain

For and redirect only; for custom website, see Note below


Clients and prospects can email you using an email address that looks more professional than a Gmail or yahoo address and one that uses your .REALTOR domain. You could go from to info@BobAnderson.REALTOR. Great for your business cards!

Ex: Bob can choose an email address for his new .REALTOR domain, www.BobAnderson.REALTOR. He chooses info@BobAnderson.REALTOR (you choose what comes before the @ sign; “info” is just an example).


Inbound: A FREE email forwarding service (receive inbound emails to an existing email address)

Outbound: How can I also send outbound emails? 
By changing the reply-to in your existing account you can send outbound emails to your clients and prospects. This will help you get the most out of our FREE email forwarding services.

Click the link below for your email provider’s directions.

Note: POP email accounts will allow you to create a .REALTOR email inbox that you can access and use if you do not want to forward to an existing email address. This option is only when you choose a web hosting service for your website and (see option 3 above for a hosted website).