The Internet has evolved and as a REALTOR®, .REALTOR can help consumers to better find you, a trusted source online. Below are the top reasons why REALTORS®  have got their .REALTOR domains and testimonials on how they are using it to market their business.



1. Leverage online search for REALTORS® — .REALTOR helps your business leverage the 2 to 3 million monthly searches online for the term “REALTOR” because .REALTOR only includes relevant keywords.
2. An affordable online solution — For individual REALTORS®, .REALTOR is FREE for the first year and then, $39.95/year. Plus, .REALTOR offers a free and a discounted IDX website option (less than $60/year + 6 free months). Not ready to make the switch? You can forward your .REALTOR domains until you are.
3. Show your professionalism with every part of your web and e-mail address about you and your business. For example, Maria, a REALTOR®, can have www.Maria.REALTOR with info@Maria.REALTOR as her e-mail  address. 
4. Build trust online — domain names must include at minimum, the individual’s name, first or last, and for firms and boards, their business name, reassuring consumers you are who you say you are and following proper use of the REALTOR® trademark.
5. Exclusive to REALTORS® — anyone can get a .com, .net, .org or one of the new unrestricted web extensions. We verify you are an individual REALTOR®, firm or board, just like how .edu and .gov verifies institution affiliation prior to groups claiming domains.


Miranda Jung's many individual .REALTOR web address includes











Oscar Marti's firm Concierge Realty Group, LLC. uses .REALTOR web address











Local board, RealtorAssociation of Sarasota and Manatee in Florida uses .REALTOR web address